License # R.0800242 Ohio

License # R.0800242 Ohio

My name is Angie Tracy and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of Ohio.  I founded Exploring From Within Counseling Services in January 2016.  I graduated from Columbus State Community College with an Associate of Arts degree in Sociology, Franklin University with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, and University of Dayton with a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling.  

During my clinical internship at Ohio State's Talbot Hall, I had the privilege of working with adults struggling with alcohol and drug addiction by working in their intensive outpatient program utilizing individual, group, and family therapy.  

The majority of my employment background consists of working at Maryhaven as a Clinical Counselor providing individual and group counseling to adults involved in the Federal legal system.  I provided substance abuse and mental health counseling to individuals who were preparing for Federal prison or who were reintegrating back into society following their term of incarceration.  Throughout the counseling process, I also assisted my clients in developing the skills needed to avoid reoffending and challenged their various thinking errors.  Skills that were worked on included but were not limited to problem-solving; communication; decision-making; career exploration; job skill development; recovery within the family; family support resources; and marriage, parenting, and relationship skills.

I am often asked why I became a counselor.  For me being a clinical counselor is both an honor and a challenge.  I chose to become a counselor because therapy has been and will continue to be profoundly invaluable in my own journey from adversity to healing.  Life gets tough and change is inevitable.  I do this work because I care deeply about helping others.  I enjoy assisting individuals work through the challenges and difficulties of life.  I strongly believe that everyone desires to be happy and free of the emotional barriers that continue to hold them hostage.  

My job isn't always easy, but it's always interesting.  I never wake up in the morning and dread going in.  I love the fact that I never really know on any given day what will happen.  So far, no matter how much experience I gain, there is always a new skill to learn, an opportunity to grow, or a new problem to tackle.  Additionally, the work is extremely rewarding.  My clients let me into the most secret, most painful parts of their lives.  Often, I am the only one that knows their story and the trust that my clients place in me amazes me.  Often, they feel relieved just to have gotten something off their chest with an objective person listening in a non-judgmental way.  People often need validation and empathy in order to fully heal.  This is something that I'm able to provide as individuals continue their journey of self-awareness, growth, and healing.  

I am blessed to have found my passion as a counselor and I enjoy helping my clients work through a variety of issues.  I provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment to assist individuals in understanding how events in their life shape them and I provide critical tools that enable them to take the important steps necessary to achieve their goals.  

Throughout counseling, I use a variety of therapeutic tools and techniques and I incorporate feedback from my clients and other mental health professionals to enhance my counseling style.  Effective counseling is a two way street. It takes a cooperative effort by both the person receiving counseling and the counselor.  And it takes a commitment to make sometimes difficult changes in behavior and/or thinking patterns. One of my goals for counseling is to help each person grow in awareness, understanding, responsibility and acceptance.

Please call me for a 15 minute consultation. We’ll determine together if I am the therapist for you. If not, I will help you to find the services you desire.

I will consider it an honor to walk with you throughout your journey as you find your way to your destination.  All change begins with one step as you explore from within.